Sustainable Technology Efforts

Direct Digital Control Systems:


For heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems allows for precise control of room temperatures and also takes advantage of free outdoor air cooling. Programmable features allow for building to set back in temperature during unoccupied periods saving on heating and cooling demands. Savings are realized in electrical, heating and cooling cost avoidance and increased productivity with maintenance diagnosis.

Variable Frequency Drives Systems:

On pumps, fans, chillers, cooling towers, and domestic water booster pumps. This varies the required voltage and thus the speed of pumps, fans, and other motors based on demand of a given system as opposed to maintaining a constant speed regardless of system demand. Savings are realized in electrical consumption cost avoidance.

Occupancy sensors:

Occupancy Sensor


Control lights on and off based on infrared technology sensing if a person(s) is in the space.  If so, lights are enabled and the amount of conditioned air to the space is normalized as if the room is occupied.  During periods of inactivity the lights go off and air supply is driven to minimum positions cutting back on conditioned air. Savings are realized in electrical consumption cost avoidance and heating and cooling demand cost avoidance.

Occupancy sensors are also being used strictly for lighting in certain areas so that lights turn off automatically when unoccupied.

Water-Free Urinals:

Water Free Urinal

No water is used for flushing so savings are realized in water consumption bills, and maintenance and repair of flush valves.

High efficiency hot water boilers:

Are being used in several buildings across campus

Deaerating Feedwater tank:

Has been added to boost water supply temperature to boilers and it removes oxygen which saves on natural gas to heat the water and oxygen reduction results in longer steel life.

Lighting Conservation:

Measures have been undertaken at the Wellness Center with the cooperation of the management.  Racquetball court lighting and selected accent lighting are kept off until they are needed.