Facilities Management
We Make It Happen

Facilities Management consists of very talented individuals who are here to serve the campus community on a daily basis in a variety of ways. Here are the employees who make it happen:

Boiler Operators

  • Raymond Conner
  • Jim Hague
  • John Howes
  • Jim Pesco
  • Howard Williams


  • Darcel Brown
  • John Berger
  • Mary Cavuto
  • Kathy Dew
  • Jim Hilsabeck
  • Shannon Hopkins
  • Vanessa Maxwell
  • Elizabeth Woodson


  • Paul Beteag
  • Rhod Foney


  • Ross Gryzwacz
  • Rory Hoffman
  • Mark Hostetter
  • Bob St. Clair
  • Jeanette Whiting


  • Russ Bell
  • Harry Johnson
  • Larry Papin
  • Gary Pastiva

Inventory Control Clerk

  • Dave Blacker

Maintenance Mechanics

  • Larry Arpi
  • Winston Cannon
  • Steve Hunter
  • Rob Sharkus
  • Russ Strawsine


  • Ron Smith


  • John Shepler

Vehicle Mechanic

  • Ron Ernst

Although you may see different custodians in your building at different times, their main building assignments are listed below. If your building is not listed then it is maintained by contract services (Eurest) during evening hours and not our staff.

AB : Darcel Brown and Vanessa Maxwell

ASC : John Berger

CB : Eurest

CIS : Custodial Staff

CSS : Eurest

EIC : John Berger

ELB : Liz Woodson

FH : Jim Hilsabeck

GB : Eurest

HPEC : Eurest

IAVS : Eurest

ML : Shannon Hopkins

PEC : Mary Cavuto

SB/CW : Eurest

SLRC : Eurest

SSB :  Eurest

UC : Shannon Hopkins

WC : Kathy Dew