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All of us at the University of Michigan-Dearborn were pleased to find out from the Graduate Management Admission Search Service that you are pursuing a graduate degree.  Perhaps you have already begun your search for a graduate program that suits your needs.  But you may not realize how much a Michigan-Dearborn MBA would benefit the future of your career, even beyond the educational portion of obtaining your graduate degree. 

Our campus, located in Dearborn, carries with it the prestigious name of the University of Michigan.  Our school is known globally as a producer of leaders and innovators.  We all take pride in that.  Because of this, you to can harness the power of the Michigan name by being one of a network of over 420,000 registered members of the Alumni Association around the United States and the world.  The social and business relationships that can be forged through these networks can be a key factor in advancing your career even further. 

However, the members of the alumni association could not be as successful without the strength of the faculty that has instructed them.  Our professors come to the classroom with experience gained both in the workplace and at some of the finest higher learning institutions in the country.  You do not even have to sit in class to access a Michigan-Dearborn MBA either.  Our WebMBA program is identical to the on-campus education, except it is entirely Internet-based.  See more about both the traditional and online graduate education options in the School of Management at

You have taken the first step in developing your professional career by taking the GMAT.  You clearly are ready to make an investment in your future success.  Why not chose the school that can give you more than a graduate degree?  Michigan-Dearborn, part of the University of Michigan family, can offer you the tools and the resources to leverage both the strength of a Michigan education, and its reputation, to your advantage.   

If you have any questions or concerns as you are deciding on a school to attend, I’d be happy to help you.  We look forward to receiving your application.


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