Facilities Project Request Form Instructions

This form has been created to provide essential preliminary information about the project to enable improved quality and response time.  A discovery meeting will be scheduled with you to discuss project requirements in more detail.  Someone from Facilities Planning may contact you for additional information before the discovery meeting.   See Glossary for clarification of key terms used on the form. 

1.   Basic Project Information

a.          Name of requestor (Required field.)

b.          Project contact name. (Name of the individual that will be making decisions and coordinating this project within your department) (Required field.)

c.          Requesting department (Department Name)(Required field.)

d.          The campus address of the requestor (Required field.)

e.          Requestor’s phone number (Required field.)

f.            Requestor’s fax number (Required field.)

g.          The building and room number in which the work is required (Required field.)

h.          Available project funds  (Amount identified and allocated by the department or   college for this project request) (Required field.)

i.           Requested project completion date (be prepared to discuss rationale for requested date)

2.   Brief Project Description (Required field.) Provide a brief description of the project. Include a sketch of the facility if possible, noting desired changes.  Attach catalog page or equipment specifications if applicable.    Examples: 

a.          Purchase and install new furniture in professor’s office.

b.          Install overhead fluorescent lighting in laboratory.

c.          Install General Atomic gas spectrometry machine (model GSM 0472) in   chemistry lab (see catalog page attached).  Current model must be removed and      disposed.

d.          Split classroom in CASL and create 2 new faculty offices. 

3.   Project Requirements. This section identifies the specific facilities changes the requestor requires.  For each category, check the boxes that apply to the project.  Only check categories that are affected by this project.  Not all categories apply to all projects.  Categories include:

a.          Space Requirements (Required field.).  This defines if the requested change will occur to the existing space or will affect other areas.  It clarifies if new space will be required or acquired from another campus unit.  It also identifies who owns the targeted space, and whether or not the space has been committed to this project.

b.          Building Layout.  This section specifies if walls, partitions, doors, ceilings, or floors will require changes.  Check the boxes of all items that will require changes.

c.          Equipment / Fixtures.  Please identify if equipment or fixtures will be affected by this project.  You are asked to identify if equipment / fixtures will be installed, removed, or relocated.  If equipment / fixtures will be installed, please include a description of the equipment / fixtures, including make and model number in the “Brief Project Description” section (email a catalog page or url  if possible). If equipment / fixtures will be relocated, please state the current location and the desired location.  If equipment / fixtures will be removed, please provide directions for disbursement (dispose, return to vendor, place in storage, put up for sale, etc.). Please refer to Dearborn Administrative Guide, Section 517.12

Note:  Fixtures include white boards, attached coat racks, chalk boards, bulletin boards, etc.

d.          Furniture.  Please indicate if new furniture must be purchased or if existing furniture must be reconfigured, refurbished or disposed of.  Also indicate (to the best of your ability) if a design layout is required. 

e.          Utilities.  Please note if you think the facility change will require changes to utilities.  Mark which utilities are affected:  heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), electrical, plumbing, telephones, computer connections, audio visual installation or hook-up ability, cable connections, compressed air, gas, etc.

f.            Lighting.  Please indicate if you think there will be any changes to lighting (fixtures, switches, type, location, etc.).  Indicate if any new lighting will be required.

g.          Finishes.  Please indicate if facility changes will affect / require coverings on floors (carpet, tile, paint, etc), windows (blinds, shades), walls (paint, wall coverings) or ceilings.

h.          Signage.  Will new signs be required?  Will changes be required for existing signs?  Please indicate if affected signs are for interior or exterior use.  Include exact text required on signs E-mail additional sheets if required. 

i.            Security.  Please identify if your project will require new security devices or changes to existing security in the areas of:  locks or access control (can include keys, card readers, number code pads, etc.), intrusion detection, theft protection (for equipment, computers, projectors, TV’s, etc.).  Please provide an explanation if any other type of security is required.

j.           Safety & Environmental.  This section is designed to identify if potential safety or          environmental issues will exist as a result of this project.  Please indicate (to the best of your ability) if changes will

i.       Affect research facilities, laboratory facilities, or elevators.

ii.      Create or change requirements for hazardous industrial  waste handling, chemical / gas / oil storage, air emission sources, cleaning operations, equipment or systems discharging water or wastewater.

iii.     Require an eyewash or cause a change to an existing eyewash.

iv.     Cause soil erosion or affect sediment.

v.      Cause any other type of safety or environmental issue. (Please describe.)

k.          Site.  These changes generally affect the area outside of campus buildings. Please indicate if you think the proposed project will impact campus utilities (such as sewer, water supply, steam pipes, electricity supply, etc.), landscaping, or access to roadways, sidewalks, parking lots or buildings.

4.   Funding (Required fields.)  Please provide the funding information for the project, including:

a.  Shortcode

c.  Org

e.  Program

b.  Fund

d.  Subclass

f.  Project / Grant Number

5.   Authorization (Required fields.) Please print the name of the individual with financial authority.  This identifies the contact person who will authorize expenditures against this project.  Approval from the Authorized Signer will be obtained prior to obtaining outside services.  The authorized individual must also sign and date the form prior to submission.  Signature here indicates that there is departmental buy-in for the project.  The individual named here is responsible for assuring relevant dean/director approvals have been obtained prior to form submission.

6.    Note.  Project costs include all applicable project-related expenses, including:  outside design effort (if required), construction (labor and materials, based on prevailing wage rates), equipment, and fees required to obtain necessary inspections and regulatory certifications (such as reviews by the Office of Fire Safety or code reviews).  The project budget will be reviewed with the requestor prior to beginning work.  In addition to the project estimate, operational cost impact will be discussed with the requestor. 

7.   Internal Use Only.  Facilities Planning and Facilities Management will track the project internally by assigning a project number and documenting the date the completed project request form is received.  The form will also document which department will act as the Lead for the Project.

Other campus groups that could participate in this project are listed here.  They will be invited to share information or concerns at a discovery meeting that will be scheduled by the project lead.

If the request is better handled through a Work Order, the project will be forwarded to the appropriate department and you will be notified that the request has been converted to a Work Order.  Converting the request to a Work Order will officially close out the Project Request.

Submitting your Request.  At the bottom of the form you’ll find a “submit” button. Click this button and your request will be processed in a prompt and efficient manner by the Facilities Team at UM-Dearborn. Your request will be assigned to a project manager who will contact you within two business days. If your request is a simple work order, it will forwarded to the appropriate department as a work order and you will be notified.