More scrutiny leads to change for CFOs and their businesses

March 15, 2007

DEARBORN / March 15, 2007---How the changing role of chief financial officers, especially the increased levels of scrutiny and accountability, is affecting business is the focus of a seminar to be held at the University of Michigan-Dearborn at noon, Thursday, March 29.

The seminar, titled “CFO21: Transforming Business through Accountability,” is part of the Viscogliosi Economic Leadership Seminar presented by Chancellor Daniel Little and funded by UM-Dearborn alumnus Anthony Viscogliosi.

Featured speaker will be Deloitte Consulting LLP Principal Sharafat (Shaz) Khan, who will present new research on CFO practices, global trends and case studies from companies that are applying new financial tools and approaches to transform their businesses.

Business leaders who would like to attend the seminar should call 313-593-5330 or go to

“We developed the Viscogliosi Seminars to bring innovative ideas and practices into use as our region’s businesses and industries adapt to a changing economic environment,” Little said.

“Each event has been tailored to generate discussion around new, fresh ideas about business organization, strategy and innovation, and the series is designed to promote a sustained dialogue among business and opinion leaders to address issues unique to our area.”

The CFO21 research is Khan’s comprehensive assessment of the emerging condition of finance functions and the work of CFOs in leading organizations, primarily Fortune 500 companies. The presentation will focus on the emerging roles, requirements and expectations of the finance function and of the CFO.

“The finance function of the future will be a source of organizational, performance and business leadership,” Khan said. “To achieve this vision, finance functions and CFOs must adapt to meet the emerging requirements of their organizations and transform their functions across multiple business dimensions, with a clear focus on execution and accountability.”

Khan has been an invited speaker and presenter for the G-7 and G-8 conferences of energy ministers and the “The Future of the American Workplace” conference convened by President Bill Clinton. In 2002, he served on Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick’s Committee on Operational and Financial Re-Engineering, which helped make recommendations to streamline city government.

Khan’s work has focused extensively in the area of business planning, human resources systems design, strategic planning and communications. He addresses the issues surrounding strategic and tactical goals to move organizations toward work design that promotes business innovation and quality through empowerment.


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