Humanities Prof. Moulouk Berry appointed interim director of Center for Arab American Studies

January 11, 2007

DEARBORN / Jan. 11, 2007---Moulouk Berry, assistant professor of humanities at the University of Michigan-Dearborn, has been named interim director of the campus’s Center for Arab American Studies.

“We are confident that Professor Berry will build on our campus’s strong dedication to the Center for Arab American Studies during this interim period,” according to Prof. Kathryn Anderson-Levitt, dean of the UM-Dearborn College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters.

“Our campus is clearly located in the best place in the country to examine the experiences of Arabs in America in an academic context,” according to Anderson-Levitt. “Our commitment to the Center for Arab American Studies is just one example of how we are bringing the high quality and resources of the University of Michigan to bear on one of the most significant issues facing this region.”

Berry, who has been a member of the UM-Dearborn faculty since 2002, is director of the campus’s program in Arabic language and culture and launched a very popular writers’ series featuring presentations by Arab, Arab American and Chaldean authors, including poets, short-story writers and essayists.

She earned her master’s and doctoral degrees in modern Arabic literature and Islamic studies at the U-M Ann Arbor campus, after earning a bachelor’s degree from Madonna University. At UM-Dearborn, Berry has taught courses in Arabic language and literature, Islamic law and culture, and women’s issues.

UM-Dearborn’s Center for Arab American Studies was established in 2001 to offer academic, social and cultural programs about the history and roles of Arabs in America, and to serve as a hub for research and a platform for discussion of Arab American issues.

Prof. Rabab Abdulhadi, who served as director of the center since 2004, left UM-Dearborn last month to accept a position at San Francisco State University.



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