UM-Dearborn launches seven new Web pages designed especially for prospective students transferring from local community colleges

February 21, 2008

DEARBORN / Feb. 21, 2008---The University of Michigan-Dearborn's Office of Admissions and Orientation recently launched seven new Web pages specifically designed for prospective transfer students.

Known as “Transfer Hubs,” these microsites are designed to be a one-stop Web stop for students transferring from one of the local community colleges, according to Christopher Tremblay, director of admissions and orientation.

“These new Web sites change the way we deliver information and resources to transfer students,” Tremblay said. “Instead of asking the student to navigate through our transfer Web site, they can bookmark the Transfer Hub and have all of their relevant content in one comprehensive place.”

Each Transfer Hub site has at least six elements that specifically pertain to the needs of those community college students, including a photo and contact information of their admissions representative, specific transfer guides and notices of upcoming visits to the community college. In some cases, current UM-Dearborn students or alumni are profiled.

“The use of the term ‘hub’ is most appropriate since these Web sites serve as a focal point for students,” Tremblay said. “The Web sites link back to the respective community college to re-emphasize the importance of the partnership with each community college. Also, each site was developed in collaboration with each community college and each school’s logo has been incorporated as part of the identity.”

In the future, these Web sites will include facts and statistics about scholarship recipients and other important enrollment information, he said.

The new Transfer Hub sites were created by Deb Peffer, assistant director of admissions for e-recruitment.

“Deb’s leadership for this project will advance how we’re perceived among community college students,” Tremblay said. “Her creations send the message that transfer students are extremely important to us.”

The launch page for the Transfer Hubs can be found at




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