Campus to host national debate tournament March 10-12

March 3, 2006

DEARBORN / March 3, 2006---The University of Michigan-Dearborn will host the 21st annual American Debate Association National Tournament March 10-12.

Teams representing universities from around the country will participate in the six-round tournament, which will feature the topic: The United States Federal Government should substantially increase diplomatic and economic pressure on the People's Republic of China in one or more of the following areas: trade, human rights, weapons nonproliferation, Taiwan.

The tournament includes three levels of competitive policy debate: open, junior varsity and novice. The tournament is free and open to spectators.

The debates will take place in various rooms of the campus's College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters Building, the Science Building and the University Center. Room assignments will be distributed in the lobby of the College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters Building.

Participating universities include UM-Dearborn, Michigan State University, Wayne State University, Boston College, Western Illinois University, Liberty University, Clarion University, Wake Forest University and Samford University.

The American Debate Association, which began in 1985 as an intercollegiate debate association, uses the resolution selected annually by the Cross Examination Debate Association and the National Debate Tournament. For more information about the tournament, call Angela Giertz at (313) 590-5779.


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