Record number of first-year students leads enrollment growth; diversity is up, and quality remains strong

September 19, 2008

DEARBORN / Sept. 19, 2008---The number of undergraduate students at the University of Michigan-Dearborn increased by 3.4 percent this term over last fall, and overall enrollment increased by 2.2 percent measured in terms of total student credit hours.

Official enrollment for the term was calculated on Wednesday, Sept. 17, the end of the semester “drop/add” period.

The campus enrolled a record number of freshmen this term, totaling 965, an increase of more than 50 over last year and more than 150 up from 2006.

“This increase in first-year students is good news for our campus, but also for our region,” according to Stanley E. Henderson, vice chancellor for enrollment management and student life at UM-Dearborn. “We know that the prosperity of our state depends in large part on increasing the number of college graduates, and we are committed to doing our part to recruit more students.”

This fall’s entering students continue to reflect the campus’s high quality standards, Henderson said. ACT scores for this fall’s class averaged 24, and high school GPAs were 3.5 in academic courses, the same as last year. UM-Dearborn has been recognized as one of the top public universities in the Midwest in this year’s U.S. News ratings.

Diversity of the entering class also increased this fall, Henderson said. The number of students of color increased by 16 percent over a year ago. The number of African American students in the entering class has more than doubled since 2006, to 81 this fall up from 39 in 2006.

The number of new transfer students also increased this fall, but very slightly over last year’s numbers.

On the minus side, graduate enrollment on the campus, which has been strongly affected by declining educational benefits for regional employers, fell by 7.6 percent this fall compared with last year, measured in terms of credit hours.

As a result of weak graduate numbers, overall enrollment at the campus is down about a half a percent in terms of headcount from a year ago, and totals 8,569 this term.

“In such difficult economic times, families have to make tough choices about what’s best for their future,” Henderson said. “Our undergraduate growth, continued high student quality, and expanded access all indicate that our region’s students and their families see UM-Dearborn as an essential part of their better futures.”





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