Alumnus Roy L. Rennolds gives $10K to establish the George Masrob Kurajian Endowed Scholarship Fund to support mechanical engineering students

September 29, 2008

CECS Dean Subrata Sengupta, left, and Roy L. Rennolds

DEARBORN / Sept. 29, 2008---When Professor George Kurajian joined the University of Michigan-Dearborn's School of Engineering (now the College of Engineering and Computer Science) in 1964, he was assigned a student assistant: Roy L. Rennolds.

Rennolds learned a lot from Kurajian. And now, four decades later, Rennolds is giving back. The 1965 engineering alumnus recently established a scholarship named for Kurajian, who retired in 1990. Rennolds’ initial $10,000 gift started the fund, and he’s hoping other alumni will add to it as well.

The George Masrob Kurajian Endowed Scholarship Fund will benefit undergraduate mechanical engineering students. Kurajian asked to include his middle name in the fund's name to acknowledge his father, whose first name was Masrob. Kurajian said his father was obsessed with education and learning.

"I received a quality education at UM-Dearborn, largely due to the work and dedication of the instructors I had," said Rennolds, who earned his MBA at UM-Ann Arbor in 1967. "When the idea of an endowed scholarship fund came up, I just thought of Professor Kurajian. It was natural to name it for him."

Kurajian, who now spends winters in Florida, said he enjoyed working with Rennolds years ago and is honored that the new fund is named for him.

"I can't find the words to express how privileged I am," Kurajian said. "I think it's great that Roy has initiated this scholarship, but in addition to that, to honor me by naming it for me. I'd have to go through Webster's Dictionary to find the proper words. I am deeply indebted to him."

Rennolds, who worked full time while he was in school, said he hopes the fund will make it easier for students to obtain their degrees. He is hoping fellow graduates from UM-Dearborn's early days will join him in honoring Kurajian and giving back to a future generation of students.

"Professor Kurajian really stuck out in my mind. His teaching method put students at ease and made us want to learn. He was easy to talk to; you never saw him without a smile on his face," Rennolds said. "I'm hoping we can grow this into something nice. Professor Kurajian is a great man; I can't think of anyone else I'd like to see this named for."

For information about the George Masrob Kurajian Endowed Scholarship Fund, contact Michael Stein, director of development for the College of Engineering and Computer Science at UM-Dearborn, at 313-583-6744; or via e-mail at; or by mail at 4901 Evergreen Rd., Dearborn, MI 48128.






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