All 18 candidates for Detroit City Council answer critical questions about budget, ethics, crime, regionalism and collaboration during video interviews on

August 19, 2009

DEARBORN / Aug. 19, 2009---Just weeks after surviving a hotly contested primary election, all 18 candidates for Detroit City Council are answering critical questions on camera about the state of the city and their plans if they win in November.   

The video interviews, part of a free multimedia project from Detroit Public TV and the University of Michigan-Dearborn, are available on and involve each candidate answering questions about:

•    Budget: How to cut city spending and generate revenue
•    Ethics: How to hold members of council more accountable
•    Crime: How to improve city-suburb relations
•    Collaborations: How to improve council-mayor relations

The 8-10 minute interviews, conducted Aug. 10-11 with the Institute for Local Government at UM-Dearborn, ARISE Detroit, WWJ and the League of Women Voters, are the second phase of an unprecedented voter education project.  Before the primary, MiVote interviewed 106 candidates for council and the charter commission.  A second round of interviews with charter commission candidates is set for Aug. 24-25.

 “Our goal is to level the campaign playing field and provide every possible way for voters to hear directly from the candidates,” according to Dave Manney, DPTV’s director of content.  “That means beyond the Internet, we’ll be televising these interviews in September—and we’ll be producing candidate debates in October.”

For more information about the MiVote project, contact Manney by phone at 313-701-8274 or via e-mail at, or Dale Thomson, director of the Institute for Local Government, at 313-593-5545.




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