New master’s degree in management information systems will prepare students for a wide range of business careers

August 28, 2006

DEARBORN / Aug. 28, 2006---Beginning in January, graduate students at the University of Michigan-Dearborn can prepare for a wide range of business careers thanks to a new master’s degree in management information systems.

“This program will offer students academically rigorous training in the key concepts and methods of management information systems,” according to Bruce Bublitz, dean of the School of Management. “It also will provide a more in-depth curriculum than is currently available to students through our existing undergraduate program in management information systems or the management information systems concentration in the MBA program.”

The new master’s degree will satisfy demand in two areas: students with a liberal arts degree who are now considering a professional degree and those currently in the field who are looking for formal systems training as a gateway to upper level IT management, according to Andrew Urbaczewski, associate professor of management information systems at UM-Dearborn.

Urbaczewski said the myths surrounding both the dot-com bubble burst of 2001-2004 and the advent of outsourcing jobs offshore have contributed to the dwindling supply of fresh graduates to stock growing numbers of management information systems positions, and this new program seeks to close this gap.

“With so much lower-level activity going offshore, MIS now can concentrate on newer areas in the field, such as project management, IT security and networking,” he said. “It will allow us to support creativity here in the U.S.”

Urbaczewski said he expects that many liberal arts students will be interested in the new program for professional training to aid in career development.

“Our new master’s degree in MIS will allow students to continue to study traditional university subjects while also gaining the training that will make them more employable in today’s information economy,” Urbaczewski said.

Students can study for careers in IT security, database administration, network administration, business analysis, project management and similar areas.

“This program also can help people working in the management field through non-traditional career paths to gain formal training in the methodologies of management information systems,” he said.

The program is designed to be completed in 30-51 credit hours, depending on a student’s prior education. Courses will be held in the evenings and on the Web to meet the needs of working professionals.

“I really believe with the new economy and the relation of UM-Dearborn to the companies in the area, we are uniquely positioned to provide a high quality education to working professionals,” Urbaczewski said.

For more information about the master’s in MIS program, contact Urbaczewski at 313-583-6302 or the School of Management’s Office of Graduate Programs at 313-593-5460.



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