Institute for Local Government seminars will help citizens learn how to run for office and manage and finance campaigns

May 27, 2009

DEARBORN / May 27, 2009---“You’ve chosen to serve the public.  We want to help you develop a successful campaign based on proven strategies for victory," is how political science Prof. Dale Thomson, director of the Institute for Local Government at the University of Michigan-Dearborn, describes a series of seminars the campus is offering next month.

The Institute will offer a three-part series of seminars June 2-June 4. "We have assembled an amazing group of elected officials, campaign consultants and media experts to share their advice with participants on how to run a campaign that will lead them to victory," Thomson said.

The first session of the series is called "Campaign Organizing.” Current Democratic and Republican officeholders will share their experiences on the campaign trail and in elected office.  Campaign advisor Tom Shields will examine the issues that are important to voters.  Campaign experts Jill Alpert, Eddie McDonald and Denise DeCook will advise participants on how to organize a campaign to make it most effective.

The second session, called "Getting Your Message Out," will examine advice from public relations consultants John Barlow, Bob Berg and Darci McConnell about how to craft a campaign’s message and work effectively with the media.   Campaign experts Trisha Stein and Steve Hood will join Eddie McDonald and Denise DeCook to discuss on-the-ground voter contact. Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist M.L. Elrick and Detroit Free Press columnist Rochelle Riley will give an insiders’ perspective on working with reporters. Participants also will learn how to tap into the latest technology to reach voters from experts who have done so at the state or federal level.

The third session, "Campaign Financing," will examine how to create a campaign budget and raise money.  Participants also will learn about campaign finance law from U-M Regent and attorney Andrew Richner and attorney Reginald Turner.

The seminars are offered separately or as a full series, at a charge ranging from $50 for the first session, to $125 for all three sessions, which will include a light lunch. All sessions will be offered at UM-Dearborn's Fairlane Center building, on Hubbard Drive between Southfield and Evergreen.

The Institute for Local Government was founded at the UM-Dearborn in 2003 to offer a variety of programs to help develop stronger civic leadership in the region.

To register for the sessions or for additional information about the series, call the Institute for Local Government at 313-593-5140 or visit its Web site at to find a list of presenters and directions to the Fairlane Center.




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