Enrollment picture for fall looks promising based on the record number of applications and enrollment deposits received so far

March 24, 2008

DEARBORN / March 24, 2008---The enrollment picture for fall looks very promising based on the record number of applications and enrollment deposits received so far at the University of Michigan-Dearborn, according to Christopher Tremblay, director of admissions and orientation.

“As of February 25, we surpassed last year’s total number of applications received by the end of the admissions cycle,” he said. The number of FTIAC, or “first-time in any college,” applications for fall admission is more than 3,520, compared with 3,410 total applications received for admission in fall 2007 by the end of the enrollment process.

FTIAC applications are running more than 10 percent ahead of the same point in the cycle last year. The number of admitted students is around the same percentage higher than last year at the same time. Based on historical averages, Tremblay estimates that the campus will receive more than 300 additional applications by the beginning of the Fall semester.

“Another positive indicator is the number of enrollment deposits received from potential incoming freshmen, which are up 27 percent over this time last year,” Tremblay said.

Last fall’s freshman enrollment was an all-time record for the campus, totaling 903 new students. The increase in applications is a very positive sign that the campus may be able to surpass that number this fall.

“We are really starting to see the impact of the efforts we’re making not only in the admissions process, but also in our marketing program and in the outreach activities in the academic units,” Tremblay said. “Increasing the number of applicants is obviously key to meeting the campus’s goal of enrolling more students.”

Applications from potential transfer students are also up nearly 20 percent for this fall, Tremblay noted.





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