Agreement helps criminal justice students earn degrees

February 14, 2007

Officials from Wayne County Community College District and UM-Dearborn signed an articulation agreement linking criminal justice programs in a ceremony at the Henry Ford Estate last month. From left, for WCCCD, Prof. James Jackson; WCCCD associate vice chancellor for career programs Debraha Watson; WCCCD vice chancellor for educational affairs David Beaumont; Provost Susan Martin, vice chancellor for academic affairs; CASL Dean Kathryn Anderson-Levitt; and Prof. Kevin Early, director of criminal justice studies.

DEARBORN / Feb. 14, 2007---A new partnership between the University of Michigan-Dearborn and the Wayne County Community College District will make it easier for students earning associate degrees in criminal justice at WCCCD to seek a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice studies at the University of Michigan-Dearborn.

The agreement allows WCCCD students to seamlessly transfer up to 62 credit hours toward a bachelor’s degree at UM-Dearborn. Officials from the two institutions signed the agreement in a ceremony at UM-Dearborn on Jan. 18

“This program is a nice example of how our two institutions can work together to provide the best for our students,” according to WCCCD Provost Derrick Manns, who attended the ceremony.

UM-Dearborn’s criminal justice studies program has shown dramatic growth since its creation in 2001, according to sociology Prof. Kevin Early, director of criminal justice studies at the campus.

The bachelor’s degree program is intended to prepare students for careers in criminal justice and law enforcement-related fields.

“By working together with our colleagues at the community-college level, we are having a major impact on students who are seeking a broad liberal arts approach to the study of criminal justice issues,” Early said. “Our goal is to produce thoughtful, humane leaders with the technical skills and the social and ethical sensitivity needed to succeed in the criminal justice field.”

For more information about the criminal justice studies program at UM-Dearborn, contact Janice Jones at 313-583-6404.


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