Honors Transfer Innovators

For students who thrive on high achievement, creativity, and leadership.

Designed by and for Transfer Students


Honors Transfers Innovators (HTI) is a unique learning community that brings together high achieving transfer students of all backgrounds and interests to explore and further develop their creativity and leadership.

You will join a program designed by transfer honors students for transfer honors students. You will become an integral part of a pioneering design team of students and faculty working closely together to further develop the Honors Program.

HTI is project based. As a member, you will confront meaningful projects in which you must take initiative, draw upon your life experiences, and use interdisciplinary knowledge and problem-solving methods to make decisions and achieve results.

   Honors Transfer Innovators Experience

    • Membership in unique learning community supported by deeply committed, award-winning faculty

    • Opportunity to develop critical thinking, creative problem solving and leadership skills to succeed in a highly diverse, complex, and connected world

    • Gain leadership skills and experience applying theory to real-life projects

    • Mentoring from faculty, alumni and business leaders to build your professional network

    • Flexible structure that accommodates your studies, work and personal life

    • Immersion activities on campus and in the community

This Program is Ideal for Students Who:

Want to link the theory and practice of creativity and leadership through project based learning, to address local and global issues and opportunities.

Are curious, willing to ask questions, challenge themselves and try new things.

Have completed at least 12 undergraduate credit hours by Fall 2016 and have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher. (Students with less than a 3.5 GPA and have demonstrated high achievement in creativity and/or leadership are welcome to apply).

The next round of applications will be accepted for Fall 2016 through Friday, July 29.  


For questions about Honors Transfer Innovators, contact the Office of Admissions and Orientation at 313-593-5100 or

Honors Transfer Innovators YouTube Video
Honors Transfer Innovators YouTube Video
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