Identity Guide

University Colors

The original University of Michigan colors were described in 1867 as “Azure Blue” and “Maize,” two standard artist’s oil colors of the day. The blue was described as being “the blue of a summer sky” and the maize as “the yellow of ripe corn.” These colors are represented today on the University flag and the ribbons affixed to diplomas; these colors are slightly different from one another.


In general, the block M is in yellow and the logotype component is in blue. For specific color guidelines, visit Logo Usage Guidelines section of this Web site. The new University of Michigan-Dearborn logos use the following color combinations for uncoated and coated stock:

Uncoated Stock = PMS 2758 (blue) and PMS 115 (yellow)
Coated Stock = PMS 2758 (blue) and PMS 123 (yellow)

Please note: The UM-Dearborn blue tends to turn purple and yellow tends to turn orange when printed on some materials. This is common and expected when printing some colors, such as the ones approved for the University of Michigan-Dearborn.

To obtain the best color representaion, please ask your printer to "match the PMS color" and provide you with a color proof (non-electronic). Check the color proof for color discrepancies. If necessary, request an adjustment and additional color proof. If you need help proofing the colors, please contact the Marketing department.

PMS 2758

PMS 123
(coated stock)

PMS 115
(uncoated stock)

For WEB (Web safe)

RGB colors are generally for Web use only. When trying to replicate UM-Dearborn colors in Web pages and banner ads, please refer to the RGB color combinations below. These combinations are the general equivalents to the PMS colors used in UM-Dearborn logos.

Blue (PMS 2758)

Yellow (PMS 123C)