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Logo Usage Guidelines
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People identify the promise of the University of Michigan-Dearborn and the quality it represents through our name and graphic identity. Our distinctive name and highly recognized symbols have come to represent generations of achievement by faculty, students, athletes, staff, and alumni—and the promise of excellence today. This distinction has created value in our name and brings respect, trust, confidence, and economic rewards that benefit the University community.

The “University of Michigan-Dearborn” name embodies our tradition and promise, just as visual representations (seals, logos, and other marks, and film or photographs of the campus, students, faculty, and staff) represent the University and its values.

The “Block M” logo is one of the most recognizable university symbols in the nation. Long associated with Michigan athletics, the Block M has come to connote the excellence in all fields of endeavor that the University stands for. Using the Block M or other recognized marks add value to all those affiliated with it. And consistent use of recognizable logos and wordmarks reinforces the overall positive identity of the University. Every time the Block M is used, the public becomes more aware of the many facets that add such breadth to this University and relevance to their lives.

That is why the Block M is an integral component in the new Wordmark and Dearborn Block M:


Dearborn Block M

The distinctive University of Michigan-Dearborn name and images are essential tools to break through the clutter of today’s media-saturated American culture. There are more than 3,600 two- and four-year colleges in the United States. Students may be recruited by hundreds of them. The average American family is contacted more than 300 times a year to donate money to organizations or events. The promise of excellence attached to the University’s name and graphic identity cuts through this overload and helps us reach people more effectively. Careful and consistent use of the name and images helps preserve their continued effectiveness.

The Official Tagline for Undergraduate Recruitment

The official tagline for undergraduate recruitment is The Degree that Makes the Difference™. The tagline is trademarked (™) as it is in the process of being registered.

When using the tagline and/or "Degree" logo (right) in print and Web publications, first refer to the Logo Usage Guidelines. If you wish to use the "Degree" logo in printed materials or in Web pages, please download the image from the Download Logos page.

Schools and Colleges

The University of Michigan-Dearborn logos were designed for flexibility, and can be used with names of University of Michigan-Dearborn schools and colleges with no loss of brand identity. To download school logos, please visit the Download Logos page.

CASL Block M vertical

CEHHS Word mark

CECS Block M horizontal


The split block M—the version with "Michigan" through the center bar—is the official mark of University of Michigan athletics. It is used in conjunction with the "Dearborn" in UM-Dearborn's logo to distinguish University of Michigan-Dearborn athletics from Ann Arbor's.