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Whom to Contact

Using the UM-Dearborn Name & Logos

Official University Business

Use of name or logos in letterhead design, business cards, official University publications, course materials

No approval required

Director of Marketing

Commercial Use

Commercial use of logos on merchandise sold for profit.

Approval required by: Trademark Licensing Office, Department of Intercollegiate Athletics

Licensing Department

On Gifts & Premiums

Use of name or logos on merchandise given away or used for internal University functions

Review and release required by: Trademark Licensing Office

Items must be purchased from a licensed vendor

Licensing Department

Outside Vendors

Use of name or logos by local businesses, vendors, suppliers and contractors

Generally prohibited, except as a factual reference to a relationship with the University. 

Review of University name and images encouraged

Director of Marketing

Advertising, Acknowledgements, Endorsements, and Fundraising

Use of name or logos in advertising, sponsorship, endorsement or fundraising activities by an entity outside the University

Approval and review of University name and images required

Director of Marketing

Sponsored Activities

Use of name or existing logos for advertising of official activities or programs approved or sponsored by the University

No approval required


Student Use

Use of name or logos on business cards

Freshman, Sophomore and Junior students--Allowed and no approval is required.

Senior students -- Prohibited unless he/she is starting his/her senior year.

Director of Marketing

Student Organizations

Use of name or logos by student organizations or clubs.

Student organizations and groups registered with the Student Activities Office--Allowed, with restrictions. Call with questions.

Non-registered Organizations--prohibited

Director of Marketing

Political Campaign

Questions regarding use of name in a political campaign

Generally prohibited. Call with questions

OVP- Secretary, Nancy Asin

Film & Video

Approval Required

Director of Marketing


Consultation requested

Director of Marketing


Partnerships and affiliations not governed by other University mechanisms

Consultation requested

Director of Marketing


Creation of new marks

Consultation requested

Director of Marketing