Identity Guide

Logo Placement Guidelines

Any logo you plan to use should be placed in a position of moderate dominance. When looking at a printed piece the logo(s) should be easily found and read by the viewer. For example, any of the UM-Dearborn wordmarks would work well running across the top of an ad, flyer or poster. On the other hand, the Block M logos tend to look best if placed at the bottom of a piece; for example, in the lower left-hand corner (right).

In general, use your judgment when placing logos on your work. Do not crowd them in…give them room in order to stand apart from the rest of the information on the piece. Also, please do not use the same logo more than once on any one page or panel

The only logo that has a definite position is the "Degree" logo. It must always appear in the lower right-hand corner of any printed ad, flyer, postcard or poster unless used on the approved arrangement found in the Logo Usage Guidelines.

When placing logos on unconventional items, such as a water bottle, please refer to the Logo Usage Guidelines or contact the Marketing department for guidance.