Identity Guide

Use of the University Seal

The primary purpose of the University Seal is to certify official University documents, including diplomas, certificates, and official acts by the Board of Regents, and to graphically symbolize official association with the University and its educational and research missions. It is therefore to be used sparingly and with strict adherence to the visual guidelines provided in the Graphics Toolkit. The Seal should not be modified, cut off, or combined with other forms.

All final authority for the use of the University Seal resides in the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Institutional Advancement, Tom Baird.

The following marks are no longer in use:

  • Block M with Seal
  • Seal with red accents

Students are prohibited from using the seal on their printed materials, including doctoral dissertations, or to signify student events.

Faculty emeriti may only use the seal on business cards or in association with the performance of their official duties when they have been reactivated and are performing services for or on behalf of the University of Michigan-Dearborn.