Identity Guide

Logo Usage Guidelines

Guidelines for all UM-Dearborn Logos:

  • Do not add any words or other images to a logo.
  • Do not modify a logo with an unauthorized typeface.
  • Do not modify, distort, obscure, and computer or camera enhance a logo in any way. (i.e.: do no place image or type over the logo)
  • Do not modify the size or position relationships for any element within a logo.
  • Avoid using the Block M in the middle of a word or sentence.
  • Do not turn a logo on its side or upside down.
  • Do not put any logo over images.
  • Do not put any logo over patterned or textured backgrounds.
  • Do not transect or divide the Block M (other than the accepted registered “Split Block M” logo).
  • Do not rotate logos or place on an angle.
  • Do not use existing logos to create new marks without approval from the Marketing department.
  • Do not use the same logo more than once on any one piece.
  • Block M must be in yellow. Block M may be blue if on a yellow background.
  • Block M can be grey if in a black and white printed piece.
  • Block M must appear as a solid color. Do no show as an outline or add an outline to the original mark.
  • Do not use the Dearborn Block M in combination with any other logos without prior written approval from the Marketing Department.

Guidelines for "Degree" Tagline and Logo:

  1. When using the tagline in text, keep the wording The Degree that Makes the Difference
  2. Place a trademark  "™" at the end of the tagline and logo.
  3. Do not punctuate the logo or tagline.
  4. Book Antiqua font is the official font used in the "Degree" logo.
  5. The "Degree" logo must always appear in Book Antiqua and in this arrangement. A graphic will be supplied in a variety of formats.
  6. For all printed materials created within the University, the "Degree" logo must appear in the lower right corner, unless otherwise indicated by a template. Templates, or large projects, will be created as needed by outside venders (such as the viewbook).
  7. The logo should only be shown in blue or black on a white background; white type on a solid background (NOT YELLOW, as it is too difficult to read – preferably a black or blue background)

Use of Dearborn Block M with Degree logo:

In order to solve the problem of how to display the Dearborn Block M and "Degree" logo together in tight spaces, the following arrangement has been created. No other arrangement will be permitted.

This arrangement can be used on printed pieces as well as various promotional items such as, water bottles or key chains. If using it on a printed piece, the logo must sit in the bottom center of the page or layout. If there is no "center", as in the case of many promotional items, place the logo so that it is clearly legible.