Parking Services

 Faculty/Staff Parking Permit

 Applications for the UM-Dearborn Faculty/Staff Parking
 Permit are available online.

 You can authorize payroll deduction of your parking fee with this
 on-line form.  If you choose to pay cash for your permit, you can
 print the on-line form and send it to the Parking Office with cash or
 a check made out to the University of Michigan-Dearborn (see Rate
 Schedule below).  You will receive your parking sticker in the interoffice mail along with a
 current University of Michigan-Dearborn parking Manual.

 Your UMID card will be activated for access to Ann Arbor parking structures when you
 purchase a current parking permit.

 To file an online application, click on the link below.  You need to use your uniquename and
 University of Michigan-Dearborn email password.  This year you will receive a confirmation
 email that your application has been received.

 By applying online, you authorize pre-tax payroll deduction of $6.67 per month in accordance
 with the monthly time schedule established by the University to pay for your permit.  You can
 authorize a one-time payroll deduction of $5.00 for a second car permit.

 Online Parking Permit Application (Link)

 Parking Permit Application (PDF)

 Rate Schedule (PDF)

                              Please call the Parking Office at 593-5480 if you have any questions.