Facilities Operations


Carol Glick, Executive Director for Facilities Operations

Phone: (313)593-5380 Email: cglick@umich.edu


Kate Pepin, Director for Facilities Planning & Construction

Phone: (313)593-6446 Email: kpepin@umich.edu


Laura Drabczyk, Director of Environmental Health & Safety and Emergency Mgmt

Phone: (313) 593-4914 Email: ldrabczy@umich.edu


Gary Taylor, Associate Director for Plant Operations

Phone: (313) 593-5396 Email: gmtaylor@umich.edu


Jerry VanCowenberghe, Trades Manager

Phone: (313) 593-5654 Email: @umich.edu


Kathleen Haag, Business Operations Manager

Phone: (313) 593-9968 Email: khaag@umich.edu 

Keith Sudak, Landscape & Grounds Manager

Phone: (313) 593-5444 Email: ksudak@umich.edu


Kevin Headrick, Building Services Manager

Phone: (313) 593-5305 Email: kmchead@umich.edu


Bonnie Southerland, Supervisor of General Services

Phone: (313) 593-5480 Email: bsouther@umich.edu


Facilities Operations Call Center: 313-593-5270

To submit a customer service request: umd-facilities-req@umich.edu