Behind the Scenes for a Major Exhibit at a National Museum

Caitlin Wunderlich

Major: Art History - Museum Studies

College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters Internship: Intern for the Registrar, Cranbrook Art Museum

“In every aspect of my internship, I was able to look at the behind the scenes world of a nationally recognized museum. In a key project, I compiled a comprehensive list of exhibitions held at the Museum over the past 81 years. This involved researching the Cranbrook archives, library, and museum files, since a complete and accurate list did not exist. In addition, I am very excited about my involvement in the current exhibit, No Object is an Island. I was able to properly handle and install the art while working with the Exhibition team."

"This internship gave me a great opportunity to explore my options. Now, I have a much better understanding of the direction I want to pursue. And, that is a master’s degree in collections management.”

Making an Impact from Radio Ads to Corporate News Coverage

Roger Castillo

Major: Communications

College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters Internship: Diesel Marketing Communications Internship, Robert Bosch, LLC

““From the first day at my internship, I was expected to deliver professional quality work, meet deadlines, and participate in key decisions. I have been involved in all aspects of public relations and marketing communications, including writing proposals, plans, press releases, articles, radio ads, and monitoring social media for the company’s strategic events and trade shows. For the Woodward Dream Cruise, I wrote radio ads that aired on 104.3 WOMC as well as identified giveaways to complement the theme for the event."

"In addition, I’ve written compelling news stories about the Bosch Kentwood facility and operations for internal communications. The most important outcomes of this experience were learning to remain confident, act in a professional manner, and be able to adapt to any situation.”

Developed Environmental Educational Programs for Engineers

Ian Tran

Major: Environmental Studies, Environmental Science

College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters Internship: Engineering Society of Detroit

“During my internship, I was involved in outreach programs for engineers that included developing technical and education programs on environmental sustainability and economic development issues from an interdisciplinary perspective.  I also helped plan and coordinate an educational symposium for area schools on green initiatives.  Additionally, I lead a team of fellow interns that analyzed and made recommendations for improving the organization’s website. 

Based on my internship experience, I have been selected to an advisory committee for sustainability in environmental education and community development.  In addition, I was hired by the Future City 2011 Project to develop integrated learning modules that complement requirements for the Future City program with state and national education standards.”

Developed Controller Software and 3D model for NASA simulations

Jessica Turner

Major: Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering

College of Engineering and Computer Science Co-op: Metecs, Contractor for NASA’s Simulations & Robotics, NASA Control Center

““I was responsible for developing software for a translational hand controller and integrating it into the International Space Station docking simulation. My project now allows each astronaut to have a portable training unit. In my second co-op, I was responsible for modeling the new spacecraft-docking interface known as LIDS (Low Impact Docking System). After creating a 3-D model, I was able to perform contract dynamics simulations on it to see graphically how two spacecraft would interact within this interface."

"My internship definitely verified to me that I absolutely loved what I was doing and this was the right field for me. I was able to complete a project of which I had absolutely no prior knowledge and have it become a meaningful contribution to an organization. Just knowing I was able to accomplish something like that was a priceless feeling.”

Learning the Art of Cinematography from a Master

Charles Ashley-Pelham

Major: Journalism and Screen Studies

College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters Internship: Video Production Assistant for Campus Media Services, UM-Dearborn

“With a passion to become a cinematographer, my internship experience has been extremely beneficial. I am responsible for producing video for coursework as well as recording events and seminars. This includes working on every aspect of completing a project: videotaping, lighting, sound engineering, digital editing, and adding special effects."

"I have been able to work with a master in the art and learn how to improvise when necessary to achieve exceptional results. It has been the day-to-day, hands-on learning experience that I have valued most from my internship.”


Gaining the Big Picture of Taxes: Preparation and Compliance

Jamila Owens

Dual Major: Accounting and Finance

College of Business Internship: Tax Preparation, Deloitte Tax, LLP

“In my internship position, I was able to work on a diverse array of projects from large corporate compliance to small partnership and high income individual tax preparation.  The internship provided an excellent opportunity to work directly on large, long-term projects in a team-based environment.  

The most valuable part was the experience in learning about the path I want to take for my professional career, and the type of company that best fits my career goals.” 

Finding the endangered Redside Dace in the Rouge River

Robert Muller

Major: Environmental Studies

College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters Internship: Survey of fish in three tributaries of the Rouge, Friends of the Rouge

“Working with another intern, my responsibility was to observe, identify, photograph and record the different fish species found in the Rouge and tributaries. Of major interest was an endangered minnow, the redside dace, which was last identified in 2005. Several sites were picked for our samplings.We identified the types of stream beds (muddy, sandy, speed of the current) and identified, captured, photographed, and measured the fish found at the sites.

As part of our internship, we were responsible for leading and teaching a group of volunteers to help us with the project. What I didn’t expect from the internship was interest in the survey from biologists with the Michigan DNR, MDEQ as well as the overwhelming interest from the general public and local media. The a-ha moment came when I was able to find and photograph the redside dace.”