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Life in Dearborn

About the City of Dearborn

This link provides information on the history of Dearborn, schools, government, attractions, etc.

American Holidays

This link provides a list of common American holidays.

Area Cultural Attractions

This link provides information on museums, galleries, theaters, sports and entertainment in the Detroit Metropolitan area.

Conversion Tables

The metric system is not widely used in the U.S. Measures of weight, temperature, distance, volume, etc. are usually expredssed in the English system. This link provides conversion tables that may be helpful.

Getting a Social Security Card

This page provides information on how to obtain a Social Security Card.

Getting a Telephone

This page provides information on how to obtain a telephone and types of services available.

Health Insurance

UM-D international students, scholars and their dependents residing in the U.S. are required to have health insurance . This page provides information on the University's International Student/Scholar Health Insurance Plan and procedures for waiving this requirement.


This link provides you with resources to find information about all available housing options.


Cars are the most convenient form of transportation. However, this mode of transportation requires an ample supply of money to pay for the car, insurance, driver's license test, car registration, fuel and repairs. Michigan law requires that every driver obtain a driver's license and automobile insurance. The following link provides information on other modes of transportation.

Types of Michigan Identification

This page provides information on how to obtain a State of Michigan Personal Identification Card or Driver's License.