What is the background on UM-Ann Arbor "Going Google"?

Following a comprehensive assessment of the current state of computing on the three University of Michigan campuses, the Ann Arbor campus initiated a project to improve the U-M "collaboration environment".

Endeavors between campus units, with other universities, and with the private sector increasingly rely on collaboration tools to facilitate communication and support the sharing of information anytime, any place, and with anyone in the world via the internet.

U-M Ann Arbor chose Google in January 2011 to provide U-M students, faculty, and staff with a wide variety of tools to improve collaboration, to reduce redundancy and cost inefficiencies.

Where are we with "Going Google" at UM-Dearborn?

Our campus delayed adoption pending our own assessment of email and calendar functionality, the potential gains in collaboration capacity, and cost implications.  Functionality and cost analysis related to the potential change to Google has been completed. ITS team members have conducted focus groups with early adopters of Google, and have also attended sessions that review the Ann Arbor users migration and working experience with Google.

Follow up meetings are underway with academic and staff leadership on the Dearborn campus to confirm "Going Google".

Here are resources to help you learn more.