50 Gig Cloud Storage with M+Box

In partnership with Box.com, University of Michigan is offering a great new service that provides you with 50Gig of storage space in the cloud. This service is available at no charge to currently active faculty, staff, and students. It provides an easy and safe way to store and share personal and work files, and collaborate with others inside and outside UM. It includes features such as content and task management, online workspaces for collaboration, user and group permissions, and a built-in editor. Your files on M+Box can be accessed remotely from anywhere using a variety of devices such as desktop, laptop, tablet, and smart phone. It uses the standard University kerberos login system so there is no need for a new user ID or password. It also offers a variety of applications that help you sync your files on different platforms, and integrate automatically with Microsoft Office and Google apps. While Box provides robust security, including data encryption and auditing, users with sensitive data such as HIPAA, ITAR/EAR, GLBA, FISMA and PCI, should not store these sensitive files on M+Box. Files on M+Box are backed up, and deleted files are recoverable for 30 days.