Changes to Google Terms of Service

Changes Won't Affect UMICH Accounts

Google recently announced changes to its Consumer Terms of Service (TOS) that are scheduled to go live on November 11, 2013.  However, they do not affect Google Apps for Education users, including anyone logged in under their UMICH account.

The TOS changes affect how your Google Profile name and photos might be handled after interacting with other Google services. One of the changes includes "shared endorsements", which display consumer reviews or ratings from your Google friends, and could cause your Profile name and photos to appear in shared endorsements that Google displays in ads.  These changes may affect any personal Google accounts that you maintain separately from the university's M+Google.

Although you might see messaging throughout M+Google about the Terms of Service updates, Google has informed the university that the changes will not be available to Google Apps users until a later date. In addition, once they do become available, they will be optional and controlled by U-M's Google system administrators who can prevent UMICH users from appearing in shared endorsements on Google ads. The default setting will be "Off" and there are not plans to turn this option on at U-M.

More information is available on U-M's M+Google site.


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