How to Change Your Passwords


Changing Your Dearborn or UMICH Password:

  • Using a web browser go to
  • Select My Account from the gold toolbar at the top of the screen
  • Type in your uniqname and click Continue
  • Type in your current Dearborn password and click Continue
  • From the General options listed on the left, select Password
    Note: Both your Dearborn and UMICH passwords will be reset from this screen.
  • Enter your current  UMICH password in the box indicated
  • Enter your new  password twice
  • Click on Change Password to submit the change
  • Note: In order for the system to accept the proposed  UMICH password, the password must follow specific University guidelines.

If you know your UMICH password, you can change your UMICH  Password:

  • Using a web browser, go to
  • On the login screen, enter your uniqname and current  UMICH  password
  • From the list of options, select “ kpasswd: Change Your Kerberos Password”
  • Enter your current UMICH password in the box indicated
  • Enter your new UMICH  password twice in the boxes indicated
  • If your password is accepted, you will be prompted to enter a Hint and Challenge to assist you if you should have trouble remembering your password in the future.
  • Return to the Service Menu to Logout

If you do not know your UMICH password, please contact the ITS Accounts Office.

When to Change Your Password

You should change your password if:

  • You have had the same password for more than 6 months
  • You have logged onto a system in another city or campus
  • You have shared your password with anyone.
  • Your password does not meet recommended guidelines.

Guidelines for Choosing a Password

Passwords must be at least 9 characters

  • Passwords must contain  upper and lowercase letters and numbers.  Numbers must be between letters.
  • Do not use blank spaces.
  • Passwords should be something you can easily remember, yet hard for someone else to guess. For example, a phrase like "too hot today for me" could be 2Ht2dy4me
  • Passwords cannot be all numbers, and cannot contain alphabetic or numerical sequences (i.e., “cde” or “345”).
  • Passwords cannot be a proper name or a word recognized by any dictionary. That includes words from another language. Do not use your initials preceded or followed by numbers.
  • If you need help creating random passwords, use an online tool that will do it for you

For more information, go to:
Choosing and Changing a Safe and Secure UMICH Password