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UMD-Secure with XpressConnect

UMD-Secure uses WPA2-Enterprise to allow access to the network and to provide strong security, including data encryption. UMD-Secure is the preferred method for WiFi connections on campus.  To setup your device to use this service, ITS has implemented the XpressConnect Wireless Login system.  XpressConnect is a quick, easy, and secure way to connect your mobile devices to the campus wireless network.  After a one-time set-up, each device will automatically connect to campus WiFi without any need to login or authenticate.

Accessing UMD-Secure requires that you use your UMICH password. See UMICH Password Hub  for additional information about this password. Users who still have UMICH and Active Directory UMROOT passwords that are different see Synchronization of UMICH Passwords to Active Directory UMROOT passwords . If you are having trouble logging in, you should change your password.

Detailed Instructions for UMD-Secure

Supported Operating Systems 

Ubuntu Linux 


The UMD-Wireless Network uses web-based authentication to allow access to the network. Other than your login, no network-level encryption is provided when using UMD-Wireless. Because UMD-Wireless connections are not encrypted it is recommended that you always use UMD-Secure to connect to the WiFi network.

To connect to UM Wireless Network:

Turn on your computer or network device.

Turn on the WiFi connection for your device.

Associate with the UMD-Wireless Network SSID.

Open a web browser and try to access any external web page (i.e. www.google.com).

You will automatically be directed to the login page. 

Enter your U-M uniqname and Dearborn password and click the Submit button. 

For Assistance or Questions

Contact the ITS HelpDesk:  

313-593-HELP (4357)