Know Your Costs - the difference between taking 15 credits vs. 12 credits

Maximize your savings and save time by taking 15 credits per semester rather than 12 credits.  The chart below illustrates your savings per semester, per year, over 2 years and over 4 years just by taking 3 extra credits (1 extra class) each semester at UM-Dearborn.

Our discounted rate of $93.00 per credit hour begins at your 13th credit hour.  Take advantage of this savings- you could save up to $8,088 over four years!  That's like a built in scholarship.

Fall 2015 

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Undergraduate Assessments*:

Cost Per Credit Hour

Savings Per Semester

Savings Per Year

Savings Over 2 Years

Savings Over 4 Years

1-12 credit hours


13 credit hours






14 credit hours






15 credit hours






13th credit hour and above = $93.00 per credit hour (a 79% savings!)

*Lower Division, CASL, in-state rate

Calculate your Costs:

Applying for Federal Student Aid:

  • Federal Student Aid provides money for college to eligible students and families.  This is a great way to help meet college costs.  You can apply for Federal Student Aid by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online at

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