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Mileage Rate Effective 2/1/2014 - 56.0 cents per mile ($0.560)

Mileage Chart

Travel/Hosting/Business Meal Tips

Non-Employees:  For local travel consisting of mileage and/or parking, please complete the Non-Empolyee Travel Reimbursement (Mileage/Parking) on a timely basis.  Do not put more than one month on a form.  Total amount on each form may not exceed $200. Get the required signatures and submit it to the Cashier's Office. Cashiers will audit your travel using University standards and the traveler will be expected to adjust any amount in excess of those limits.

Employees:  Dearborn Campus faculty and staff must use Concur to receive reimbursement for local travel consisting of mileage and/or parking.

To calculate mileage, please use the Mileage Chart.  Mileage reimbursement can be less than the stated miles on the chart, but cannot exceed, unless a map is provided.  If travelling to a location not listed on the chart, a map must be done from/to campus and from/to the destination.  Useful websites are,, or

The University generally does not reimburse local in-town mileage (i.e., travel between University buildings on the same campus for meetings, or within the city of the employee's primary work location).

More restrictive Travel and Business Hosting Expense policies and procedures mandated by specific programs, schools, departments, or offices will take precedence over University policies.

Please see the Dearborn Administrative Guide (DAG 501.4) for more detailed information regarding travel policies.  UM-Dearborn follows the Standard Practice Guide (SPG 507.10-1) published by Ann Arbor.