The Department of Natural Sciences includes the Disciplines of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics and consists of 44 full-time faculty, 1058 undergraduate major students and 73 graduate students. The Department offers degrees in 10 undergraduate majors: Biochemistry, Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Chemistry Instruction, Earth Sciences/Geology, Environmental Science, Environmental Studies, Integrated Science, Microbiology and Physics. At the graduate level, a Master of Science degree with specializations in Environmental Science is offered. The Department educates students and the public about the nature and practice of science. The Natural Sciences Department emphasizes undergraduate research to better prepare students to graduate and enter the work force, graduate or professional school in a broad range of fields from health, pharmacy and forensic science to environmental science and science education.

Department of Natural Sciences Chair: Dr. John Thomas

OPEN FACULTY POSITION: Assistant Professor of Organic Chemistry

The Department of Natural Sciences in the College of Arts, Sciences and Letters has a faculty position open for a tenure-track Assistant Professor of Organic Chemistry.

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