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Networking and Mentoring at UM-Dearborn



The Faculty Networking System (FNS)

The Faculty Networking System (FNS) is a database designed to facilitate collaboration, networking, and mentoring between faculty members at the University of Michigan-Dearborn.  By creating a record for yourself and providing a few keywords that describe your teaching, research, and scholarship interests, you are helping to build a networking and mentoring environment.

You can self-register:  it is quick and easy; it should take you less than a minute.  You can also search for faculty with interests similar to yours (you do not need to register to do this).  For more information, call 3-5468 or email





Who built this database?

The UM-Dearborn Faculty Networking System was designed and created by four students of the University of Michigan-Dearborn, in the Winter 2006 semester. This page was created for our CIS 495 Design Seminar course. The students who worked on this project were: Brian Clark, Andrew Penny, Brian Schroeder, and Rich McLaughlin.