Research & Sponsored Programs

EIC Environmental-Sustainability Research Grant

Deadline:  October 15
If the application deadline falls on a weekend or holiday, the deadline will be extended to the next regular business day.

Faculty applicants (except LEOs) MUST have a current disclosure of outside financial interests in M-Inform. Applications without current disclosure will be returned without review.

PURPOSE:  The Environmental Interpretive Center and the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs provide funds to tenured or tenure-track faculty for research and scholarship related to sustainability, conservation, and/or environmental education and research.  One award will provide up to $12,000 for a project that—

  • Fosters high-quality scholarship and research
  • Has the potential to be sustainable
  • Will result in tangible products such as papers, presentations, or grant proposals
  • Will result in a proposal for external funding

The application must be written to be understood by faculty outside your discipline; indiscriminate use of formulae, technical terminology, jargon, and acronyms will be considered non-responsive to these guidelines. Note that the narrative for this application is different from other Campus Grants. Applications must contain the following:

  1.  Application form and budget summary (2 pages)

  2. Budget narrative and detail (1 page): provide details of budget items and why the cost items are necessary

  3. Project Description (5 pages, max) should lay out the applicant’s research plan over the next year or two. Provide an outline description of up to 3 separate research projects planned over the next 1-2 years, including:
    • Title and paragraph description (do not focus on background, methods, or references; provide enough detail to allow reviewers to differentiate between the projects listed)
    • Accomplishments to date (e.g., conference papers, posters, presentations, student projects, proposals)
    • Expected milestones, outcomes, and “deliverables” with approximate dates (e.g., “publication, summer 2012”; “NSF proposal, January 2014”)

  4. Previous Support (max 1 page): list previous research support, including internal and external grants and startup funds (source and amount), and describe progress and products from these funds.
  5. Key References (1 page)

  6. Abbreviated Curriculum Vitae (2 pages)


  • must be a current tenured or tenure-track faculty member
  • must be an EIC Faculty Associate; if the proposal has multiple PIs, then at least one PI must be an EIC Faculty Associate
  • must have been awarded a Campus Grant in the past 5 years and demonstrated progress with those funds
  • must not have been awarded an EIC Environmental-Sustainability Research Grant within the previous 3 years


  • a 1-page status report will be due every twelve months until the funds are expended
  • the report should include, in outline form—
    1. the status of each project listed in the application, for which support was provided
    2. milestones achieved or outcomes produced (e.g., papers, presentations, proposals)
    3. approximate funds remaining

EVALUATION CRITERIA: Your application will be evaluated using the following criteria:

  • the project’s degree of connectedness to sustainability, conservation, and environmental education and research; applications that fail to demonstrate a strong linkage to these areas of research will not be considered
  • the applicant’s goals and plans for research success, publications, and grant proposals, and likelihood of a sustained research program
  • the quality of the research as demonstrated quantitatively (publications, citations, etc.) and by peer evaluation
  • progress and results from previous Campus Grants
  • adherence to the guidelines and program requirements

ALLOWABLE COSTS: Awards will not exceed $12,000 and can be used for costs not already incurred by the deadline date  that support the objectives of the project, including equipment, student assistant salaries, supplies, field travel (not conference travel), and faculty summer salary (however, no summer salary if the applicant will be teaching).  Books for personal libraries are not supported.

APPLICATION PROCEDURE: Submit one (1) copy of your proposal to the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, by the deadline.  Departments are expected to obtain new project/grants and shortcodes, informing ORSP when active; departments are responsible for initiating appointments including faculty summer salary.

The Research Support Committee of the Faculty Senate reviews applications usually within five to seven weeks of the deadlines shown.