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  • Download and install Adobe Reader onto your computer
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Program Forms & Resources

     Academic Action Request Form

     To be used when:

  • Creating pre-proposals for submission to UCDC or the Graduate Subcommittee (only form required for pre-proposals).
  • Creating, changing, or deactivating a major, minor, concentration or certificate.

     Modification Form

     Program Closure Form

     New Academic Activity Outline
     To be completed and used:

  • As a support or attachment to the "Academic Action Request Form" when a NEW major, minor, concentration, or certificate is being requested.

Course Approval Forms

 General Education (DDC) Forms

     Capstone Experience
     Critical and Creative Thinking
     Humanities and the Arts
     Natural Sciences
     Quantitative Thinking and Problem Solving
     Social and Behavioral Analysis
     Upper-Level Writing Intensive Course
     Written and Oral Communication