Minimum Standards for Greek Life

Launched in 2013, UM-Dearborn's Minimum Standards for Greek Organizations Program was created to intentionally integrate the core principles of fraternity/sorority affiliation with the actions and behaviors of members to promote the overall advancement of UM-Dearborn's undergraduate Greek community. By outlining a clear, but comprehensive set of expectations for UM-Dearborn Greek-letter organizations, the groundwork has been created to achieve the following:

  • Improve the management and quality of Greek-letter organizations while also maintaining the development and shared expectations of members,
  • Provide a framework by which each chapter can evaluate and further its contributions to the greater UM-Dearborn community,
  • Quantify and document chapter activities and successes, and
  • Create an assessment tool for the Office for Student Engagement to determine the recognition status of chapters.

The regular review of chapter standing will be based on the following areas of standards:

  1. General Standards
  2. Chapter Leadership and Management
  3. Scholarship/Academic Performance
  4. Recruitment/Rush/Intake
  5. Membership Development and Education
  6. Risk Management and Liability 
  7. Community Service and Philanthropy
  8. Campus and Community Engagement
  9. BONUS: Chapter and Member Recognition

2014-2015 Greek Life Minimum Standards 
Please note not every listed standard requires special documentation from the chapter. Forms and templates that are required are included here.