Starting Your Own Organization

Starting a New Organization
New student organization proposals are evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • Compliance with College policies (Use of the University of Michigan-Dearborn name and Trademark, Student Organization Policies on the Office Student Engagement Website, etc.).
  • Demonstrated non-duplication of the mission of previously recognized organizations and avoids clear similarity with another already-recognized student organization.
  • Clearly articulated objectives and goals of the proposed student organization as demonstrated through the constitution.
  • Feasibility of funding the organization's goals, projects, or publications.
  • Demonstrated plan for sustainability of the organization.
  • At least seven registered student members. All officers must be registered students of University of Michigan-Dearborn.
    • President may not be the president of another student organization, either USO or RSO.
    • Treasurer may not be the treasurer/authorized signer for another organization, either USO or RSO.
  • Demonstrated benefit to the members, campus, and/or wider community.

New student organization proposals include:

  1. Constitution
  2. Annual Budget and schedule of proposed events, should be in accordance with the Student Organization Advisory Council (SOAC) and University Policies.
  3. Membership Roster, including full-time faculty or full-time staff member of UM-Dearborn must serve as advisor.
  4. Participate in New Organization Training

Proposals are submitted via formstack here. Incomplete proposals will not be reviewed.

Proposal deadlines:
First Monday of each month. After your proposal has been reviewed, you will be contacted by a member of the Office for Student Engagement team later that month to discuss next steps including scheduling new organization training.

*Representation is required of the entire e-board for new organization training.

Have a question about student organizations? Require contracting or event planning assistance? Contact the Office for Student Engagement at