#DearbornDifference Campaign & Uno Tournament

The SPC's goal with the #DearbornDifference campaign is to effectively spread awareness about what makes University of Michigan-Dearborn a special place for students, alumni, faculty and staff. The goal is to build pride in our UM-Dearborn community.

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Celebrate the #DearbornDifference in two ways:

  1. Share your story. Why did you chose UM-Dearborn? Who is your favorite teacher and why? How has UM-Dearborn transformed you? What was your most memorable class? What is your favorite student involvement moments? When you share a story by Feb. 6, you get a free #DearbornDifference t-shirt!

    Email your story to DearbornDifference@umich.edu

  2. Register and play in the #DearbornDifference Uno Tournament on Feb. 5 from 6-9pm at the Union. Students and alumni can mingle and talk about their respective experiences at UM-Dearborn. Tournament registrants will enjoy pizza and beverages as they battle for the grand prize: an iPad mini. 

    Register for Uno HERE.
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Tuition Freedom Day - February 10, 2015

Each year tuition dollars run out earlier and earlier and the support of donors and volunteers becomes more critical. 

This year the tuition dollars keep the lights on until February 10, 2015 and the external support kicks in.

Where does this external support come from? Who provides this support and how does it impact our campus? 

Learn more about tuition hikes, the different forms of philanthropy, what an endowment is, and how many hundreds of volunteer hours transform the learning experience of our students. 

Earn tickets for free sliders and chances to win a iPad mini and other prizes by:

  • ...playing a game of Philanthropy Trivia at the CASL atrium from 11am - 2pm
  • ...play Victors Price is Right at the UC Stage from 11am - 2pm 
  • ...signing our gratitude board at either or both sites!



More about the Council:

The Student Philanthropy Council is a student-led effort created to integrate the practice and understanding of philanthropy more deeply into the University of Michigan-Dearborn culture.

Members of the Student Philanthropy Council will:
  • engage in leadership building activities
  • increase practical career and presentation skills
  • be familiarized with higher education actions/procedures
  • interact closely with university administration
  • gain education on campus diversity
  • connect with campus professionals, influential donors, and alumni
  • work on gratitude and giving campaigns
  • receive valuable experience in marketing, public relations, and fundraising
  • work with and learn from university professionals in fundraising, communications, alumni relations, and marketing
  • broaden their network among students, alumni, and campus and community leaders
  • will MAKE A DIFFERENCE at the University of Michigan-Dearborn.
To learn more about the Student Philanthropy Council, contact The Alumni Relations Office at 313-593-5267 or egronows@umich.edu.