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"The University of Michigan-Dearborn is a campus that takes pride in providing the best education possible to the students we serve. This can only happen through the dedicated and imaginative work that employees provide throughout the university. Each of us has the opportunity to make the campus a better place.

The "You Make a Difference" award is intended to help us recognize some of those special efforts throughout the year that truly enhance the quality of what we do, in large ways and small. When we recognize one person, we also recognize the excellence of the contributions of all to the continuing and growing quality of the campus."

Daniel Little
Chancellor, UM-Dearborn

The Staff Senate is looking for your nominations to recognize a UM-Dearborn staff member on campus who has made a difference to you or contributed to making this University a better place to work.

Do you know someone that has gone above and beyond their job duties to do something for you?  What about those that show how much they care about their co-workers through their deeds and actions?  If you know someone like this, let them know just how much you appreciate their efforts by nomination them for a "U Make A Difference" award.

Nominating is as easy!

1. Any UM-D staff person as defined by the Staff Senate by-laws (full, part-time and temporary) is eligible.
2. Fill out the nomination form.
Awardees will receive a certificate and gift. Repeat nominations are welcome, however awardees are limited to one gift per year. In the case of multiple nominations, a nominee will be presented with a certificate for each additional nomination during the year.

Please keep in mind that while we would love to acknowledge all of the tremendous people who give 100% each work day, regardless of what they do, this award is for those that go over and beyond their every day tasks.

Thank you for considering nominating a fellow colleague. You too Make a Difference!

Contact: Lori Petrick

U Make a Difference Nomination Form

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