Stewards of Sustainability

Facilities Management and Facilities Planning, in conjunction with Staff Senate, Faculty Senate, and SEA, are pleased to announce a new program on campus, "Stewards of Sustainability". The mission of this new organization is to bring sustainability to the grassroots level in our buildings and departments. Stewards of Sustainability (SoS) volunteers will help their colleagues integrate sustainability into the day-to-day actions of their work spaces. We are actively recruiting members of our campus community to join in as Stewards of Sustainability. Our goal is to have one SoS volunteer from every department on campus. Please, contact us if you are interested!

Who is my Steward?

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Stewards of Sustainability will:

  • Be part of a fun and creative network of people across campus helping UM-Dearborn meet it's sustainability mission.
  • Help their offices and departments- and the University as a whole- save resources, including money.
  • Receive knowledge and information on best practices, policies and issues surrounding sustainability on campus.


The initial responsibilities of Stewards of Sustainability will revolve around the kick-off of the campus-wide Single-Stream Recycling Program. Specific duties will include:

  • Help distribute new recycling bins and informational signage within their buildings.
  • Educate colleagues and answer questions on the new recycling program.
  • Report problems that arise during and after program implementation.
  • Order additional recycling bins as needed.
  • Encourage recycling at the individual level.
  • Help develop incentives, contest, etc. to get people excited about recycling.

After the recycling program is up and running, the Stewards of Sustainability will spend a few hours each month helping colleagues act sustainably in their energy, water, recycling/waste, purchasing, transportation, and other choices. Specific duties may include:

  • Educating colleagues on sustainability issues and university policies related to sustainability. Examples might include coordinating weekend power-downs or posting water-use reminders in restrooms and kitchens.
  • Acting as a go-to resource on sustainability of colleagues in their department or office who may have questions.
  • Attending monthly steward meetings, where speakers on campus sustainability issues will share best practices and up-to-the-minute data.

Are you interested in becoming a Steward of Sustainability?

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