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Organization Services


Advisors and Student Organizations
Each student organization must have an advisor. Many students seek UM-Dearborn faculty and staff members as advisors from the college/school, discipline and department most closely related to the purpose of the organization.

Allocation of Office Space
Allocation of office space in the Student Organization Center (2101 UC) is done on an annual basis. Space allocations are made based on the indicated type of use for the space, the activity of the organization throughout the past year and the group's general activity record.


Student organizations with a University Project/Grant number and a positive balance have the privilege of using the copy machine in the Office for Student Engagement for .05/copy (black and white) and .25/copy (color). If OSE duplicating services are not adequate for special needs, student leaders are encouraged to use off campus printing services (e.g. Office Max or Staples).

Constitution and By-Laws
A constitution is required of every student organization before receiving recognized status. A constitution serves as the official recognition document of an organization and contains the fundamental purpose for its existence and the principles that govern its day-to-day operation. By-laws establish the specific rules of guidance by which the group is to function and provide further definition to the articles of the constitution.

Contact Roster
A listing of all club and organization presidents and their contact information can be obtained in the Office for Student Engagement. Clubs and organizations are responsible for updating their information with the Office for Student Engagement as leadership contacts change.

Day Sale Dates
Day sale dates offer clubs and organizations the opportunity to sell items as a fundraising activity on their specific day/date. 

After a registered student organization has been assigned an locker and/or cubicle in the Student Organization Center, the president may request office keys for executive board members by filling out a UM-Dearborn Key Request Form for approval by the Director of the Office for Student Engagement.

Mailboxes for registered student organizations are located in the Student Organization Center (2101 UC) and the USO mailboxes are located in the Office for Student Engagement (2136 UC).

Mailing Labels/Student Rosters
Student groups may request mailing labels and listings of releasable general student information for organizational purposes (rush, recruitment, activity awareness, etc.) through the Director of the Office for Student Engagement.

The University mailroom provides full service mailing for student clubs and organizations conducting University related business. This includes USPS, UPS, Fed Ex and Airborne Express. All organizations must have a University Project/Grant number and an authorized signer for approval of mailings.

Posting Approval
All literature posted on campus bulletin boards must be approved and officially stamped with a removal date by a member of the Office for Student Engagement. Click HERE for the Posting Policy.

Recognition of Student Organizations
The Office for Student Engagement governs the policies and procedures regarding recognition and operation of student groups on campus. Anyone interested in forming a new student organization should contact the Office for Student Engagement.


  • University Center (UC)/Classroom - Reservations for rooms in the UC and/or CASL, etc., require filling out a room reservation form online

    Classroom reservations are now being limited and, unless there is a significant need for a particular room, student groups will be assigned a UC room.

University Symbols Usage
Student organizations wishing to use the University seal or logo on clothing, stationary, or other paraphernalia should consult with the Student Organizations Coordinator and/or the Office of University Relations, 1030 AB in regards to the legality of the usage of University registered trademarks.

Web Site Authorization
Any student organization wishing to establish an official web site for their organization must apply electronically through Information Technology Services (ITS) and have it approved electronically by the Director of the Office for Student Engagement.