Apply for Admission

By completing the application, you are automatically considered for select transfer scholarships (others may require a separate application).  It is recommended that you apply 6-9 months in advance.  Applications are accepted until the first day of classes each semester.  All components of an application are reviewed personally by an Admissions Counselor.

Admission criteria for Transfers include:

  • Academic performance in all college course work (specifically grades earned)
  • Trend of grades and mix of academic courses
  • Each of the four academic colleges of the University has its own admission criteria:

Academic College 

Required GPA

College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters


College of Business 


College of Education, Health, and Human Services
Teacher Certification (elementary/secondary)
Health and non-certification education programs


College of Engineering and Computer Science


*GPA for math, science and engineering will also be recalculated; 2.75 is required for each.

Recalculated GPA

For transfer purposes, your GPA will be recalculated to include only courses which are potentially transferable. If you have received a grade of C- or lower in these classes, the credit will not transfer but the grade will be used in calculating your GPA for admission.

Transferable Credits

The maximum number of semester hours that are transferable are as follows:
From a community college: 62
From a four-year college: 75
From another UM-campus: 90

Transfer Applicant Checklist

By completing each of the steps below, you will prepare yourself to transfer to the University of Michigan-Dearborn and start earning The Degree that Makes the Difference!

  • Arrange a campus visit
  • Apply online or submit a paper application and $30 fee
  • Request official transcripts from all colleges you've attended to be sent to UM-Dearborn
  • Receive your notice of admission, UMID, and e-mail account
  • Receive transfer credit evaluation
  • Complete the financial aid application (FAFSA) between January 1 and February 14
    • Um-Dearborn code: 002326
  • Register for Placement Exams and Transfer Orientation
  • Take Placement Exams
  • Attend Transfer Orientation to register for classes

How to Apply 

  1. Submit your Online Application**.
         (By applying online, your $30 fee is waived and you can check your application status online.)
  2. Request official transcripts from ALL colleges and universities you have attended to be sent directly to the University of Michigan-Dearborn.  Failure to disclose all schools you have attended may result in revocation of admission.
  3. Send all materials to the Office of Admissions and Orientation.

* If you have completed fewer than 24 credit hours, you must submit your final, official high school transcript and test scores. To request your high school transcripts, you may fill out the High School Transcript Request Form and submit it to your High School Counseling Office.

**If you prefer to not apply online, print and fill out this paper Application for Admission (pdf) ($30 application fee will apply).

Michigan Transfer Agreement 

The University of Michigan-Dearborn has signed on to participate in the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA). Students are encouraged to work with their Community College Admissions Counselors and Academic Advisors in order to determine the way in which the MTA impacts their entrance into UM-Dearborn.  

If you would like to speak with an admissions counselor about your educational plans or the transferability of classes, call the Office of Admissions and Orientation at 313-593-5100 to schedule an appointment.

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