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University of Michigan-Dearborn 2012-13 Tuition Information

The University of Michigan-Dearborn has created this page to better help you understand the tuition rating setting process. Links are provided to the left that outline important questions regarding 2012-2013 tuition rates, what UM-Dearborn is doing to keep tuition increases minimal and available financial aid resources available to students.

Key Facts Regarding UM-Dearborn's Budgeting Process

  • UM-Dearborn is committed to providing quality academic programs, maintaining one of the best faculties in the state, preserving a sound learning/working environment for faculty, staff and students and providing an affordable education for all students.
  • When setting tuition rates, each of the state's public universities are unique and have different budgeting processes, needs and requirements.
  • State funding has declined 22 percent since 2002.

Key Facts Regarding UM-Dearborn's 2012-13 Academic Year Tuition Increase

  • The 2012-13 tuition increase is 3.7 percent for both undergraduate and graduate tuition.
  • There has been a 15 percent increase in financial aid for the 2012-13 academic year.
  • UM-Dearborn offers various resources to help students afford a Michigan education including financial aid and scholarship opportunities.
  • The tuition increase equates to an approximate $188 increase, per semester, for the typical lower-division undergraduate student.
  • This is the lowest tuition increase since the 2004-05 school year.

All tuition and fees for the upcoming academic year are effective from Fall 2012-Summer 2013. Visit the Tuition & Fees website for the current Fall 2012 Tuition Schedule.