UCDC Governance

The University Curriculum and Degree Committee (UCDC) shall be a standing committee of the Faculty Senate of the University of Michigan-Dearborn. The Committee’s charge is to: provide the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs with a university-level assessment of new course and degree program proposals; to serve, through its General Education Implementation Subcommittee, as the approval body for proposed general education curriculum; and to facilitate/monitor campus assessment activities through its Assessment Subcommittee. The UCDC’s Graduate Subcommittee (formally the stand alone committee known as the University of Michigan-Dearborn Graduate Board) bears responsibility for approving graduate course and degree program proposals as well as serving as the primary campus procedural body for Dearborn graduate programs.  The UCDC Governance Document can be found here.

UCDC Membership Structure

UCDC Chair, Associate Provost of Undergraduate Programs and Integrative Learning

Voting Members:

Two faculty representatives from each college (8)

One Faculty Senate representative serving a one-year term (1)

One Student Government representative serving a one-year term (1)

Committee Advisors:

The University Registrar or designee (1)

The Library Director or designee (1)

The Director of Graduate Studies or designee (1)

The Director of Admissions & Orientation or designee (1)

Chief Assessment Officer or designee (1)

The Institutional Research Director or designee (1)

Marketing Manager or designee (1)


Current UCDC Members


Mitchel Sollenberger, Associate Provost of Undergraduate Programs and Integrative Learning (UCDC Chair)


Ilir Miteza, Associate Provost of Graduate, International and Online Learning (UCDC Vice Chair)


Laura Reynolds, Chair of CEHHS Curriculum Committee (ex-offico)

Claudia Kocher, Chair of COB Curriculum Committee (ex-offico)

Gabriella Eschrich, Chair of CASL Curriculum Committee (ex-officio)

Ghassan Kridli, Chair of CECS Curriculum Committee (ex-officio)


Karen Thomas-Brown, CEHHS Representative (Term: W14 - S16)

Alice Xie, COB Representative (Term: F15 only)

Nesrin Cengiz-Phillips, CASL Representative(Term: W14 - W16)

Adnan Shaout, CECS Representative (Term: W14 - W16)


Margaret Rathouz, Faculty Senate Representative (one-year term; F14 - W15)


Gonza Lulika, Student Government Representative (one-year term; F14 -W15)