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DATE: Oct. 8, 2002

Dean Gary Waissi creates electronic text, first in the School of Management

DEARBORN---Gary Waissi, dean of the School of Management at the University of Michigan-Dearborn, has published an electronic textbook called "Applied Statistical Modeling," which explores statistical modeling and analysis techniques for aiding managerial decision making.

The e-textbook, a first in the School of Management, is based on and used in UM-Dearborn's webMBA course of the same name, Applied Statistical Modeling.

"The book is based on my course notes from the past several years of teaching statistical modeling," according to Waissi. "I think that the great thing for students and others interested in statistical modeling is that the complete book with extensive links is available on-line, at any time and anywhere, and it is free."

The electronic textbook is available at

The e-textbook covers the topics of univariate and multivariate linear and polynomial regression, analysis of variance, correlation and non-parametric techniques. Selected software packages are used in exercises and in a statistical modeling project.

The book is organized into six learning modules, with an emphasis on understanding the basics of statistical analysis and modeling, use of statistical modeling and statistical techniques in practical problems, utilization of software, as well as interpretation of software output and results.

Each learning module is divided into the sections of learning objectives, overview of the learning module content, discussion, exercises or short problems, and quizzes.
Although quizzes are not included in the e-book, references to quizzes have been left in the text so that instructors can add their own quizzes, Waissi noted.

This summer, Waissi presented the book at the International Federation of Operational Research Societies "IFORS 2002" conference in Edinburgh, Scotland as part of his tutorial on developing a web-based course.




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