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DATE: Sept. 26, 2005

Freshman enrollment at UM-Dearborn will increase by more than 20 percent this fall

DEARBORN---Freshman enrollment at the University of Michigan-Dearborn has increased by more than 20 percent this fall over last year's class. Enrollment of transfer students increased by 3 percent.

As of the last day of registration, Sept. 20, the campus had enrolled 840 new first-year students, up from 696 in fall 2004 and nearly equal to the campus's historic high of 850 freshmen in 1998. The number of new transfer students increased to 658 this fall from 638 a year ago.

Overall enrollment at the campus grew by 1 percent this fall measured by the number of student credit hours, despite a very small decrease in headcount of 0.2 percent. In terms of headcount, enrollment this fall is 8,613 students.

The increase in freshmen enrollment is a good sign for the future and for the campus's plans to increase enrollment significantly in the years ahead, according to Chancellor Daniel Little.

"In addition to being good news for the campus, higher levels of college enrollment are good news for our region and for the state," Little said. "For this region to prosper, we need to increase the number of students who are able to enroll in college and go on to complete degrees, and this fall's numbers are an indication of this campus's commitment to supporting that goal."

In addition to the larger total, this fall's class is one of the most competitive in the campus's history, with an average high school grade-point average of 3.5 and average ACT score of 24.

Undergraduate enrollment increased by 1.8 percent this term over Fall 2004, while graduate enrollment decreased by 4.9 percent compared to a year ago, measured by student credit hours.

"The increase in new undergraduate numbers represents significant campus-wide efforts to introduce new programs and support for both freshmen and transfers," according to Stanley Henderson, vice chancellor for enrollment management and student life.

In August, UM-Dearborn was rated among the top six public universities of its type in the Midwest in the annual guide to American colleges published by U.S. News. In addition, the campus's College of Engineering and Computer Science was rated among the top undergraduate engineering programs in the country.





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