UM-Dearborn Participating in Victors for Michigan Campaign

The University of Michigan publicly launched its comprehensive fundraising campaign, called Victors for Michigan, on November 8, 2013.  This is the largest campaign in the university's history and among the largest university campaigns in the nation.  The campaign includes all three U-M campuses, the health system, athletics and other university units.  University of Michigan-Dearborn is participating in the Victors for Michigan campaign.

UM-Dearborn recently completed its campaign feasibility study and began the leadership gifts phase of its campaign.  During this important, "quiet" phase, volunteer campaign leaders and university leadership are working together to:  advise on campaign strategy; develop messaging and aspirational goals; and assist in securing leadership gift commitments.  The following funding priorities have been established as pillars of the campaign:

  1. Student support (for access and affordability)
  2. Program initiatives for student success and community engagement
  3. Learning environments for student success and community engagement
  4. Faculty support for student success and community engagement

UM-Dearborn is in active campaign mode, albeit in a less public way, as U-M kicked off its overall campaign publicly in November 2013.  Our focus at this time is on securing inspirational leadership gifts (nucleus fund).  The success of this campaign and beyond is dependent upon thoughtful and thorough foundational work in this initial phase.  Once campaign momentum has been firmly established with a robust nucleus fund, UM-Dearborn will formally announce its campaign goal and enter into the next, more public phase of its campaign.