Identity Guide

Web Style Guide

The University of Michigan-Dearborn Web Style Guide is in place to help keep the new UM-Dearborn website looking consistent through all schools and units. The guide will help maintain a unified brand identity for UM-Dearborn. The Web Style Guide will continue to grow and be improved upon.

Banner Ads
E-mail Signatures
Web site

Banner Ads


260 w x 85 h pixels

200 w x 100 h pixels

150 w x 90 h pixels

Colors and fonts:
There are no usage guidelines for colors and font styles in banner ads. However, it is a best practice to consider the appropriateness of the colors and fonts to the intended message.

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E-mail Signatures


Horizontal with Wordmark

Vertical with Dearborn Block M

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Be consistent
There are no basic formatting guidelines. However, donít just transfer your contentóre-format it to be consistent with the formatting on your other school/unit Web pages.

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Photo Library

The University of Michigan-Dearborn has a Photo Library containing photos in several categories, such as Architecture, Students, Faculty, Architecture, Sports and Athletics, and more. All photos have been approved for reproduction for University use. Visit the Photo Library and follow the simple steps for downloading photos.

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General Website Template

UM-Dearborn Web pages are managed by a content management system (CMS) in order to provide continuity throughout the UM-Dearborn website in both design and "look" and "feel."

Web Template Images

Consultation and approval from the Marketing department of new template graphics, images, and layouts is strongly encouraged.